Laney Family Farms

e are Scot, Irene, Hanna and Ryan Laney and we believe in Oregon food. 

we raise beef.



// dry-aged//

 & We're a proud family company.

Our beef sells as whole, half, or quarter, subprimal and ground.

We currently deliver to:

Portland, Vancouver, eastern Oregon, the Willamette Valley, central Oregon, Seattle, and the Oregon coast. For orders outside these regions, inquire about delivery to your area.

We have two farms:



LFF West sits in the heart of the lush Willamette Valley. Here, 3 generations of Laneys have farmed side-by-side.

Party Pasture.jpg

tygh valley, oregon

LFF East sits in the languid, sloping foothills of Mt. Hood on the historic Barlow Wagon Trail. This high-desert destination is as pretty as it is practical.