Laney Family Farms

e are Scot, Irene, Hanna and Ryan Laney and we believe in Oregon food. 

Buying Oregon food isn’t just hipster feel-goodery reserved for those with expendable income. It’s a meaningful step in an important connection between food, friends, community and family. Our mission is to make the highest quality local food available to the widest audience at the lowest prices possible. Our customers and fans are true food statriots, believers in the unparalleled, the uncompromising, the best damn food you can find. 

We believe in quality, in customer service and in transparently-produced food. We're not interested in trends, fads or gimmicks; we're only interested in uniting true Oregon food with Oregon forks. Our farms are centered on responsible practices, conscientious stewardship of the land, a mix of tradition and innovation and good old-fashioned elbow grease.