Laney Family Farms

e are Scot, Irene, Hanna and Ryan Laney and we believe in Oregon food. 

Laney Family Farms Black Label Beef:  Our world-class beef is raised at both of our farms and brought to local market only. All our beef is Angus-cross, affording the breed's positive qualities (marbling, tenderness, structure) to fully develop. Grass-fed and grain-finished (see below), our beef reaps the desirable attributes of both grass and grain diet. We partner with a network of trusted Oregon family farms to grow our herd with the finest cattle available. It is our unwavering promise to be Oregon's trusted purveyor of the highest quality beef.

All of our beef is whole-carcass dry-aged between 14-21 days, a practice virtually unheard of in today's faster-is-better beef market. Laney Family Farms is the premier name in Oregon beef and is proudly found in some of the best kitchens in the state.

Beehives: Our bees, kept at our Tygh Valley ranch, make some of the tastiest honey around. By providing a useful service as expert pollinators, these bees do work that both tastes good and helps the overall agricultural vitality of the farm. 

Rogue Ales Floor Malt:  Rogue Ales and Spirits, one of Oregon's oldest and most venerated craft breweries, partnered with Scot Laney to house their floor malt at Laney Family Farms East. Their floor-malted barley makes its way into their GYO line of craft beers and their Single Malt Whiskey. We're proud to partner with a titan of the beer industry. 

Triticale: a natural hybrid of wheat and rye, sometimes called "Scottish Wheat," triticale is a hardy grain with numerous health benefits. As both an interesting and unexpected flour for sweet and savory baking and a cost-effective whole-grain livestock feed, triticale is an important part of local food. We believe in eating Oregon first. That is, we believe in supporting local purveyors, methods and goods of conscientious quality in our community. To this end, our livestock eats triticale wheat grown right on our farm in their grain-finishing phase. By helping our livestock eat Oregon first, we push localism even further. 

Orchard Fruit: Also on the property at Laney Family Farms East is a beautiful orchard featuring cherries, apples, and plums. These delightful trees make delicious snacks, beautiful foliage and perfect ingredients for Rogue beer.