Laney Family Farms

e are Scot, Irene, Hanna and Ryan Laney and we believe in Oregon food. 

Laney Family Recipe is our line of Oregon-sourced cured meats. In conjunction with The Meating Place, we have worked to re-introduce homestead curing tradition, with an Oregon twist. Using only Laney Family Farms beef and Payne Farms pork (Carlton, OR), Laney Family Recipe is the first line of its kind.

Currently, Laney Family Recipe offerings include: breakfast links, bacon, hot links, corned beef, Basque-style chorizo and sweet ham, with plans to expand in the future. Using recipes and methods from homesteading cultures such as Appalachian settlers along what is now known as the “Crooked Road,” Basque sheepherders who made their home in the rugged Rocky Mountain west and the countless families who made the arduous journey towards the northwest on the Oregon Trail, Laney Family Recipe revitalizes traditions from some of the history’s foremost preservers.

By using all Oregon beef and pork, Laney Family Recipe marries the sustainability and quality of local meat with the time-honored curing traditions of yesteryear. While other local curing lines produce their offerings locally, Laney Family Recipe is the first cured meat line to both be grown and produced locally.

Laney Family Recipe products can be found at The Meating Place.